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Storm & Sanitary

Adam Pezoldt

With 16-years of experience, Adam can support any type of storm or sanitary project …regardless of size or complexity. Monarch’s team approach and dedication to Excellence, enables Adam to work directly with project engineers to ensure accurate execution to specification from the outset. This approach has allowed Monarch to maintain its position as the premier Precast Concrete supplier in the region. Private, Commercial, Municipal, Federal or State, PA DoT or Turnpike Authority – we have delivered successful project execution in all sectors.

Adam Pezoldt is dedicated to getting the job done right. Adam oversees a team of experienced engineers, draftsman and project estimators to ensure your precast arrives ‘on time and on target.’ He will follow your project through its entire life cycle: from initial Takeoff, Layout and Bidding through Submittals to Production, Delivery and Billing – taking care of any related requisitions, certifications and documentation. Adam and the team that stands behind him are committed to building a positive experience that looks beyond today’s project towards a long-term partnership.

Standard Projects

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